Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can the Nats Beat Dan Haren?

While much of the attention this season has been directed at Grienke, Lincecum, and the AL East, Dan Haren has produced insane numbers down in a hitter's paradise in Phoenix. His 0.877 WHIP is lowest in the NL since Greg Maddux ran amok in 1995, and he is also leading the NL in K/BB, astat Curt Schilling proved is absolutely vital in a hitter's ballpark. However, because the D-Backs have regularly run guys like Chris Young, Conor Jackson, Eric Byrnes, and Chad Tracy, it is like they choose to regularly bat Austin Kearns 15 times per game. Hence, instead of 14-3, Haren is a solid, but unspectacular 11-6. He likely will finish runner up in the Cy Young voting to Lincecum or Santana, despite having unheard of numbers this side of the steroid explosion.

So can the Nats beat Dan Haren? Sure, but only if Garrett Mock pretends this is an International League game.

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