Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Support Your Nats! Show What 15-41 means to You!!

It is a long standing tradition for disappointed fans of a team to show their displeasure by wearing paper bags over their heads during games. Cameramen are quite apt at locating these folks and getting them some face time, fulfilling these fans efforts to further embarrass the team and its officials. Some famous examples have been The 'Aints, the Paper Lions, as well as some more recent victims.

The Nats need a remedy, and they need one quickly. Drafting Stephen Strasburg is wonderful and all, but one pitcher will not save this team. Therefore, I recommend showing your displeasure by wearing your own paper Mask mask, as seen below. The players will be scared straight if 6500 people show up at the stadium as Rocky Dennis. Management will have the farm system rebuilt before the next homestand.

The necessary steps one must take when the home team won't empower themselves to improve. In extreme circumstances, such as a team chasing 120 losses, I recommend forgoing the bag for the Mask.

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