Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marquis Seizes the Day, Olsen Does Not

It has become apparent that Scott Olsen is not quite ready to face major league hitting, and should be relegated to the Wang/Detwiler status. The guy needs three more weeks to see if he can stretch it out. He should be penciled into the "mop-up" role, with Stammen working the number five and Batista working leverage long relief. Detwiler should really be allowed to test his stuff for a good 2-3 months in AAA before coming back, so that buys Olsen a little time, but come June, when Wang, Strasburg, Storen, and possibly Detwiler are ready for the big club, he is probably SOL.

Marquis had better location, which will go a long way toward keeping runners off base. He still has some work to do the last week, but confidence should be riding high that he can perform at or better than league average. The rotation looks much better than it did last opening day, with Lannan and Marquis leading, Mock and Stammen throwing effectively, and Livan Hernandez keeping Strasburg's seat warm.

Other looks at players who have seized their opportunities will continue through the week.

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