Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation Leads to Purging

So I leave town for a week and the Nats fleece the Twins and Rangers for prospects, getting the heir to Pudge (likely) and ANYBODY for Guzman. What is great about the Capps deal is that his replacement is already on the roster, and the fail safe plan is already on the roster.

While most people were begging to move Dunn or Willingham because they would hopefully bring an A prospects, there are zero replacements for those guys on the 40-man right now. Capps is easily replaced by Storen and Clippard, and Guzman is replaced by Alberto Gonzalez for now, with Danny Espinosa possibly ready next June to 2012.

The purge may not be done, but unlike last season, when the market never quite opened for Nick Johnson, Rizzo didn't force the issue with Dunn. He made an A- and B trade to help make something out of another lost season. Getting the big score for Dunn is still a goal, and he may pass through waivers, as NL teams are not looking for his glove, but right now, I'd guess that the Nats are toying with the idea of resigning him.

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