Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, suddenly this story a now much more believable. Though, from witness accounts, the ball-throwing incident is likely false.

Nyjer Morgan was going to get hit. That was a given. It is unfortunate Chris Volstad had the control of Kirsty Alley and had also lit up Wil Nieves and Alberto Gonzalez. Nobody wants to see a guy get hurt by a pitch. Nyjer Morgan took it on the hip, then took second and third. How Volstad was allowed to continue after that is beyond reason. The Marlins are complaining about Nyjer "breaking code", as were the Marlins commentators, but their manager also refused to back down by sending the other catalyst out to start the sixth inning. And the "code" doesn't say anything about taking bases in the fourth inning... it's a gentleman's agreement not to run up the score once the game is decided. For a fringe player like Nyjer Morgan not to roll over, to try and get something started, would be encouraged by the Nats. And honestly, Morgan isn't getting paid to play baseball if he isn't stealing bases.

Hopefully he uses his time wisely, because given his mysterious DL trip in August and subsequent action, this marriage looks to be over. If the Nats had one remotely capable center fielder, he'd have been waived last month. The players still stick for him, which is better than how teammates of Milton Bradley or Carl Everett would react. Hell, they'll even stick up for Scott Olsen. But even players eventually tire of walking on eggshells around these characters and management will do something before it divides the clubhouse.

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