Friday, December 10, 2010

Adam LaRoche Thoughts

Honestly, I don't remember much of Adam LaRoche hitting 32 bombs for the 2006 Braves, or much about the 2006 Braves at all. Tim Hudson had the worst season of his career, well, except for the time he blew out his elbow. Andruw Jones had emerged as a Hall of Famer... Chipper Jones hit the DL three times in what could have been an MVP caliber season... Brian McCann came out of nowhere as the next Johnny Bench... and Adam LaRoche hit 32 home runs.

He has since bounced around the league, a first base stop gap for flawed (or bad) teams. And maybe that is why the Nats didn't push for Dunn, didn't push for Pena. Maybe they don't want a flashy free agent first baseman. With all the chips they threw at Werth (my god), you would think they may want to more evenly distribute the wealth. But this looks more of getting a steady clubhouse guy who will sign for just under market value. LaRoche does that. He doesn't have the ceiling of some of the other guys on the market, but he certainly will not bottom out. Much like the Hammer, he puts up a consistent line.

The only problem is that there are other teams out there who will probably far over bid for his services (Baltimore?) and the Nats will have to move to Plan @.

I have seen LaRoche hit bombs in person, but cannot for the life of me get out the perception that he is a glorified #6 hitter.

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