Sunday, February 16, 2014

Return of the Don

After 3 years on the sideline watching Nationals Baseball, something that I had likened many things, none of which had positive connotations, I feel that it is time to get back in the game.  Work looks to be more flexible and I have few toys at my disposal.

So much has changed since I last fired up the blogger machine.  Hell, Blogger got bought out by gmail.  One thing is for certain, though... I will no longer have the crutch of mocking the tragic failings of a woebegone franchise.  Things run like a German train system now.  Informed decisions pan out.  In order to put together an informative blog worth reading, research will have to be conducted, regular articles written.

Now that the expectations are higher and more local and national coverage is being dedicated to the Nats, it may take a few weeks to find a niche.  In the meantime, I'll throw up some general sports stuff to tie in and hone the writing craft.

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