Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rizzo Chatting Today

I have a bachelor party to attend (yes, it starts in the morning... we here at The Bombs know how to put on a show) so I cannot hang around to post any questions. If I had the chance, here are a few (I chose not to name names):

* What changes do you feel are necessary to improve the Nationals defense at second base?

* The farm system "rescued" a poorly designed pitching staff this season. Going forward, how do you restock the AA and AAA rosters with potential major league talent?

* How do you address the rash of injuries, several preventable, that have plagued the club this season?

* Boxers or briefs?

* What will be your involvement in the managerial search?

* Will the possibility of drafting another Scott Boras client and potential "bonus-buster" affect the Nationals during free agency this year?

* Is center field solved for 2010?

* The Nationals rank dead last in strikeouts. While boring and fascist, they remain an effective method of retiring batters. How do the Nationals improve a dreadful K:BB ratio?

* Is Dr. Andrews on payroll now, or does he still just bill the club?

I tried to stay away from singling out individual players that the club may want to move, though that is the more exciting information for which to probe. Ask your questions today!

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