Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One can dream, right

Tim Hudson is opting out of the final year of his contract with Atlanta. HOLY CRAP!! Granted, he is more likely to sign with the Rockford Peaches over the Nats, and in the end, I really doubt he is leaving Atlanta, but I would own season tickets if Huddy was on board, and maybe finally some Nats apparel.

Come on, checkbook...

On a side note, Tim Hudson is exactly the kind of player on which the Nats could get a bargain. A 34 year-old pitcher opts out 12 million for only one reason: so he isn't a 35 year-old free agent the following winter. Most players are not looking for the big dollars as much as they are the extra 2-3 years. Most teams prefer a one-and-done investment, and the Braves clearly prefer Hudson at 1/12M over 4/$$M (likely 40), especially contenders*, who will want a clean balance sheet to reload the following year. The Nats are not looking to contend until 2011, so they can be more strategic and commit to having players under contract and in place then.

* Obviously, the New York and Boston teams can be more flexible.

While neither of these scenarios is particularly feasible, which makes more sense? 4/36M for Hudson or 4/48M for Rich Harden? Or Brad Penny? Odds are, both guys sign with 2010 contenders. The key is to correctly evaluate other teams' commodities and be prepared to pick these players up when they are non-tendered/waived/released, etc. THIS DOES NOT MEAN TRADING FOR INJURED SCOTT OLSEN.

Rizzo does his homework, but he has much ground to make up to put even a .450-caliber ball club on the field.

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