Thursday, October 15, 2009


Roy Clark- 20+ years experience with the Braves organization

Johnny DiPuglia- 10+ years experience with the Red Sox organization

Doug Harris- 12 years with the Rangers prior to spending 2008 with Cleveland

Kris Kline- 7 years with the D'Backs, last 3 with the Nats

What it looks like the front office has done is brought in several career baseball guys with a track record of stability. These guys, if treated well by the organization, will not be out papering the league every off-season in search of a new opportunity. That's not to say these guys don't have goals; it's to say that their goals are better suited to the overall health of the Washington Nationals as a whole. This is completely unlike a Jim Bowden, or several other big names floating around out there. Sure, JP Riccardi is available and has a good eye for numbers, but even if he was more talented/better hire than Clark, how long is content for? 2 years? If that? And who's to say ego would not be a factor?

The Nats picked up four guys and moved them into more prominent roles. Clark and DiPuglia were important figures for successful organizations, while Harris and Kline have worked withing fruitful farm systems that traded away much of their better talent. Obviously, the Nats hope that these hires, like Rizzo, are able to stay and see the work through.

In contrast, go to a random NFL team and pick out their offensive coordinator (bonus points if you find Dan Henning) and check out how well traveled some are. While front office positions are not quite as fluid, the organization can never gain stability without some leadership at the front, and nobody is going to buy into a plan that has a different spokesperson every year... doesn't make it sound like a very good plan.

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