Friday, February 26, 2010

The Schedule

The Nationals were bad last year. Real bad. Even just bringing back the roster that competed after the All-Star break and play quite respectably at times, it would have been impossible to not improve.

This year in Interleague play, the Nats draw the woeful AL Central, as well as the rival Orioles. Last year, pitting up against the best teams in the AL East, they went 7-11, which isn't too bad considering the top four teams in that division all had Pythagorean records well over .500. Plus, the three game series against the Red Sox was a virtual road trip given the pro-Boston crowd. Cleveland figures to be better, Kansas City worse; Detroit is probably worse, while Minnesota may be a little better (though stadium effects are underrated). The White Sox are still managed by Ozzie Guillen. There is no clear cut favorite, and no team likely to win 90 games. Last year's Nats would likely have split against the AL Central.

This year, with the improvements they have made, they should post a winning record against that crapfest. The key and difference between 65 and 75 wins will be improving on that dreadful 25-47 divisional record.

PS: The Zack Greinke show will be in town June 21-23... hopefully he gets a start.

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