Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dibble and Knight Square Off!

That got awkward fast.

"I'm not disagreeing because I'm a pitcher."

"You got your opinion I got mine."

"I don't care. I'm not disagreeing with you. I know I'm right as a hitter."

"I got a base hit in the World Series, jammed me as big as anything..."

"That's all right Ray, I got MVP in the playoffs by throwing strikes. So you got your opinion and I got mine."

Somewhere I heard Dibble say the Royals were the best hitting team in baseball; fortunately, he amended it to "slap hitting", which last I checked was a negative thing.

"You got it totally wrong, I didn't say he didn't do a great job."

Then both Holliday and Carpenter let out sighs of relief during the awkward pause following Ray deferring to Rob's superior arm, and Rob continued his Imperial Death stare. Good times had by all, and you can't find this kind of drama at the World Cup... oh wait, never mind.

I'll wait to look at the pitch f/x data, but Ray is probably right. College, AA, AAA, Strasburg can get away chunking 97-99 belt high with most guys swinging through it. The Pirates goofy bad lineup is more AAA, but most teams the Nats and Strasburg will face will have enough defensive minded hitters to make him work for strikeouts. He still got nine, and got the ones that mattered.

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