Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adam Dunn Negotiating with the Tigers?

Bad loss for the Nats, great possibilities for Dunn though. The park effects will continue to dampen his power numbers, but not enough to decrease his overall value to an AL team. The Tigers fielding options at first base are not glorious, as Miguel Cabrera is crappy (as opposed to Dunn's extremely crappy), so he may get a chance to grab a glove a couple times a week. He would have better protection in the lineup with Cabrera and Ordonez playing the roles of Zimm and Hammer. The big difference would be having a true leadoff hitter in Austin Jackson, something the Nats had for only two months in 2009 when Nyjer Morgan was less crazy.

This is currently speculation but expect the stars and dollar signs to align in the nearer future. If not the Tigers, likely another AL team desperate for a bat.

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