Monday, February 6, 2017

February 7th (Pats Victory) Bracket

RPI Top 50/100 records reweighted.

Apologies to: Seton Hall, Wake Forest.  I am just not getting there with the lack of good wins.

FIRST FOUR OUT: Clemson, Miami, Arkansas, Michigan.  Clemson got blown out as I was making this bracket, and I already was having trouble finding Virginia Tech a home.  Syracuse is up to 7-4 in the ACC, so they will likely be one of the Top 9 teams to find a home.  Miami should really feel screwed here, but their who campaign is tied to the UNC win right now.  In this case, I just went with 8 ACC teams.  Arkansas loses to Missouri, which, I mean, come on.  I would give them a loss or two to anybody except Missouri... even LSU on the road.

NEXT FOUR OUT: Houston, Utah, Seton Hall, East Tennessee State.  Utah just doesn't have the quality of schedule to pull this off.  Need some help.  Seton Hall will likely get there as long as they continue to beat the bottom of the conference and steal one against the Top 4.  Houston needs a big win.

LAST FOUR IN: Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Syracuse.  The ACC will shift forward a couple lines as we get through February.

Enjoying the soft bubble: Welcome to the field Cal.  Also, Just to see how it rolled out, UNC Wilmington has been dropped from auto qualifier to at large.

Gonzaga is the #1 overall out of the west which flips the bracket.


  1. FSU is a 4 seed? You realize they've beaten 3_Florida, 3_Virginia and 2_Louisville right?

  2. I do, and up until last week, I had them as the 4th 1 seed, bumping UNC, Louisville, UVA down a notch. This week I added a coefficient to analyze trends and their brief freefall slipped them (done before Clemson blowout).... I'm comfortable with them in that 9-13 range where they could float 2-4 seed based on how they finish the season.

  3. Yep...

    Perfectly fair to bounce them down after bad road losses to teams that were nowhere near the bracket at the time... Cuse and Tech have improved so those losses are less damaging.