Sunday, November 13, 2016

Change in Format

To go back to the start of this blog, I had to qualify my writing.  I was not a Nationals fan, but instead an A's fan trapped in DC who enjoys car accidents... an that is exactly what the Jim Bowden Nats were.  They were mildly entertaining, and I had just the menial job to allow me the time to create content and generate interesting research and analysis.

Then two things happened.  First, I was assigned to a much more challenging client and travelled extensively, and second, the Nats stopped sucking and there was much more attention paid to their trevails.

I few years have passed since I had taken the time to post, when I came across an opportunity to do analysis on college basketball.  I do not get the opportunity to watch games like I used to (12-20 games/ week) but have been looking for an excuse to start following again.  The caveat is that my school (BC) could be historically bad this year (like seriously, how do you dig deeper after 0-18?).

Plus, I have an opportunity to get to Vegas for March Madness.  Pardon the mess.

I hope to have a poll out tomorrow... BC will not be on it.

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