Tuesday, November 22, 2016

88 Teams for 49 spots

Now that 19 sure one-bid leagues have been identified, I am sorting through the numbers and rosters to get bead on where these teams will be in 4 months.

Big Dogs I don't see making it as far as public opinion or the numbers:
Clemson, Syracuse, Florida, Baylor, California, Texas A&M.

The goal is to narrow those 88 teams to about 60.  Per usual, it is a tight squeeze on the mid majors if the ACC and Big Ten claim 20 spots.  The Big 12 is unnaturally balanced this year.  Kansas isn't running away with this and could find themselves staring at 5-6 league losses.  There isn't a single team that is not a true bubble contender, and if parity does reign, we could be looking at a glut of 8-10 conference records with legit profiles.  I really think that Baylor is going to struggle on the road this year as you can only take those "No means no!" chants so long.

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