Friday, February 9, 2018

9 FEB Bracket

UVA will be the #1 overall until they really fuck it up (like lose to Pitt or something... btw, take the under in that one). Reracked the regions, with Xavier stealing the Midwest, shuttling Purdue to LA.  Helps align the 2 seeds better, and Duke is falling to the 3 line.

Texas A&M gets the big boost, and seeing they are back to full strength, I have no problem holding at the 5 line.  Ohio State feels underseeded at 4.

Does anyone get the feeling a C-USA/PAC-12 challenge would be close? 

Louisville and Syracuse are the last teams that are "safe" today, while Providence, Arkansas, Texas, and UCLA (yes, those Bruins) are you happy bubble teams.  Boise State is the last bye.  Alabama and USC have the best credentials of the first four, while Marquette and Virginia Tech have the best upside.

Saint Bonaventure and Kansas State are the two closest to cracking the field, while Baylor, Maryland, and Notre Dame have work to do. I feel that it is comical to be considering Temple as a viable at-large contender, but their numbers are so much better than Washington and NC State, so you cannot ignore that November happened.  My guess is that they finish 4th in the AAC and the committee takes a long look before swallowing the bad losses into the NIT. Western Kentucky needs a run or an autobid, as they are closer to ODU that MTSU now. Mississippi State, Penn State, and Nebraska round out my 10 out. Sorry St. John's, it's not enough to get out of the hole.

I feel good about this bracket, but then Saturday will happen and blow it up.

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