Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day BRACKET UPDATE

In honor of... eh fuck it.  In honor of loyal basketball fans.

Numbers are only through Monday’s games, so yes, things are constantly changing.  For instance, I was shocked that VCU was in, and they promptly went and lost to Fordham, which is arguably the worst loss of anyone in the field.  That is brutal. 

These also don’t take into account standings TODAY.  Being 1-5 in conference doesn’t matter here, because 6 games don’t out weigh 12…. That balance will shift. As the season progresses.

Apologies: Kansas State, Wake Forest.  I just don’t think that the numbers matchup with the performance on the court and the projections going forward.

Second Four Out: Oklahoma State, East Tennessee State, Georgia, Boise State

First Four Out: Pittsburgh, Utah, California, Arkansas

Last Four In: Virginia Commonwealth, Marquette, Illinois State, Northwestern*

Enjoying a soft bubble:  Houston, Rhode Island, Virginia Tech, USC**

*Middle Tennessee State and **UNC Wilmington are the only projected one-bid league leaders that pan as at-large candidates.  Nevada would line up as first four out.

 I nearly blew a gasket seeding this when I realized that my spreadsheet had dropped a slot.  Then I had 2 Daytons... Then 2 Houstons.  I almost started from scratch.  

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