Saturday, June 13, 2009

Acta Status

Well, it looks like Manny is going to be the last to know if it does occur, as everyone from Fox Sports to SI to the Post seem to be in on the leak. The timing seems peculiar, as he hasn't done anything over the past week to seemingly further jeopardize his Dead Man Walking status. But when have the Nats ever done anything by the book? It is almost as if they are deliberately embarrassing him by having this hang over his head until Monday. Completely unprofessional.

Not a fan of giving Riggleman close to 100 games with which to work. What if the Nats catch fire and play .500 ball from here out? Are they stuck with him? Manny clearly wasn't getting the best out of the roster in April or May... why not then?

Another front office mess.

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