Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nationals Baseball

Where the Four Hour Rain Delay Happens.

What is funny, this isn't even the most ignorant thing Nationals' management has done in the past twelve hours. We understand the desire to get the game in. But once the game is postponed, why reschedule for 4:30 the next day? Clearly who ever made that decision has no clue as to how the weather patterns work in the DC area. Or they are trying to create other epic failures to divert attention from the train wreck on the field.

The weather is supposed to be fairly clear from 1 to 3, giving plenty of time to get at least half the doubleheader in. This would also give them the option to delay game two if the weather persists.

With first pitch at 4:30 and the peak of the rain likely coming at 6 followed by thunderstorms, the first game will wash out by the fourth inning. Then the second game will be lucky to get in at all, starting after the storms.

It is almost as if San Francisco slipped Stan a couple bills to find a way to get Johnson's 300th win back to AT&T Park. I would believe that if I actually thought anybody in the front office was smart enough to pull it off.

Basically, the Nats really did have a chance to get a game in today, for sure, and they blew. Naturally, they will blame the bullpen.

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