Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nats Vote for Games to End in Ties

No more extra innings... can you believe the Nats lead the majors in extra inning games this year, with eight? Would you believe they have lost all eight? How the hell can that be possible?

Tonight's savior was the rain, allowing the Nats to rally to tie in the ninth. The villain? Villone had a bad run, but you can't fault him for the power outage in innings 1-8. Aaron Harang was awful last night and still shut the Nats out for 7+ innings. Adam Dunn had an atypically horrible game, popping with a runner on third and getting picked off second, both with two out. Manny Acta pulled Martis from a great start to pinch hit him with a guy whose batting average was only 6 points higher than going into the game. Martis was at 81 pitches and was effectively fooling the Reds. He should have stayed in the game. Shockingly, the bullpen didn't explode in everyone's faces. Martis could have easily pitched the eighth and ninth innings. Now most of the bullpen is worn heading into the travel schedule.

The Nats continue to find new and creative ways to lose games and set themselves up for future failures. Manny Acta is being given a golden opportunity to pass Alan Trammell and Art Fletcher on the all-time worst managers list. Trammell was managing a AAA team in Detroit and Fletcher had the misfortune of inheriting the Phillies in the '20s. Manny is just a few losses away!!

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