Monday, June 15, 2009

Was Sunday's Lineup an F-U to the Front Office

It is hard to imagine anyone filling out that particular lineup card under any circumstances. Acta appeared to be attempting to extract as little from his available players as possible.

With the DH available, Adam Dunn, the team's least skilled defensive player, was sent out to left field. The best defensive player on the roster, Ryan Zimmerman, was written in as the DH. Of course... wait, maybe Zimmerman needed a day off... nope, Monday is a travel day. Manny just chose to make a deliberate decision to cost his team a run. Replacing Zimmerman at third base was... Willie Harris? I know the Nats do not carry a backup 3rd baseman because Zimmerman must be in the lineup at all times, but this is stupid. Harris has 60 innings of pro experience at 3rd base... may as well put Dunn there.

Next, we have Corey Patterson in the starting lineup. OK, the Nats are grieving and Kearns has been awful. But who did Patterson pleasure to get the number six slot in the batting order? He hits worse than most pitchers and given his speed, should bat no other place than ninth, as to not clog the bases in front of the lead off hitter. Oh yeah, Corey Patterson doesn't get on base, so that isn't worry.

Nobody fills in that lineup card unless they are trying to make statement. Despite his best efforts, the Nats posted another early lead before karma caught them.

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  1. I listen to the games on the radio, and the announcers numerous times said, "Here's the reason Manny has Dunn batting fifth..." or "Manny said he has Guzman at DH because..." I think the PR guys read your blog.