Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Nationals have made a mess out have what could have been a memorable turning point in the franchise this week with the draft. They took the Big Gun, got another first round pick signed, and despite the continued skid on the field, appeared to be playing competitively.

First, some idiot in the front office leaks news that Manny is out before anybody else seems to know what is going on. At this point, I think this guy fabricated the whole thing because he was tired of watching Manny. Now, I am looking at friggin Corey Patterson in right field. I know the Nats went from an overloaded outfield to a drained one with Willingham away and Kearns aborting his baseball career. But how in God's name did they find the one guy in AAA that is a worse hitter than Kearns? What value does he bring to the team. Patterson has been on a steady decline for the past six seasons and wasn't exactly lighting up AAA. Even his defense has steadily declined to the point that he is not noticeable more valuable than Kearns.

I don't get it... why not just send Kearns out there to either sink or swim until Willingham gets back, or promote a player that will provide a skill that Kearns doesn't, such as awesome defense or adequate hitting? Just stupid.

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