Monday, June 1, 2009

What the Hell Just Happened?

The Nationals started the month off 6-5-1, with a good shot to go to 7-5 later in the year. They were coming off a road trip that wasn't particularly impressive, but got them some wins nonetheless. However, in the last game of that trip, Barry Zito intentionally walked Ryan Zimmerman to effectively terminate his thirty game hit streak.

SInce then, the only plummeting faster is GM. Free fall doesn't even describe what just happened. A 2-9 homestand followed by a 0-6 swing against rival Mets and Phillies. It was a train wreck only Richard Kimball could enjoy. Clearly that hitting streak really had an effect on the team. Yes, streaks are stupid, but baseball players as a whole are superstitious nutbags.

In conclusion, the Nats went 8-20-1 in the month of May... sadly this was a 1.5 game improvement over April. So how is that for half-full? Now by December maybe we can see some .500 ball!!

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