Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What the Heck to Do with Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen is going to be completing his rehab stint with Syracuse in the coming weeks and will be eligible to rejoin the Nationals major league roster. The problem is what capacity can he serve? Even though the Nats don't have the '88-'90 Oakland A's rotation, but they have five young pitchers more capable of delivering a quality start than Scott Olsen. At least according to the fine numbers he is putting up at Syracuse. Hell, even Garrett Mock looks like he is figuring things out (96 pitches? Not bad). The Nationals have worked way too hard cleaning up the bullpen to let a possible malcontent like Olsen loose out there. Plus, Olsen would likely refuse a long-term bullpen assignment.

Hopefully, they can string out this rehab stint long enough for Olsen to either get healthy and find his '06 form, shut it down for the season, or demand a trade. Option 2 obviously sucks for all parties, and option 1 may be a bit utopic. So the question may not be what, but where?

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