Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Longest... Rain Delay... Ever!

When we were in college, my roommates and I had a PS1 and a copy of Triple Play 2000. It seemed like a stupid name for a game, as the other three franchises (Madden, NHLPA, and NBA Live) all had normal names. Hence, we had a contest for who could come up with the most ridiculous baseball-related game name. After hours of shotgunned beers and brainstorming, we passed up such fine candidates as Passed Ball 2001, Intentional Walk 2001, Out Out Relief 2001, and Foul Pole Baseball. The most dreadful sounding sequel to the EA franchise we worked out was Rain Delay Baseball. No action or stats... just rain and tarps.


  1. 'Foul Pole 2001' is a soft-core film shot in the San Bernardino mountains, now airing on Spice TV pay-per-view

  2. I suppose the sequel "Mound Visit 2002" wasn't picked up by Vivid Video.