Friday, July 10, 2009

Epic Losing

Rob Dibble laid the verbal smackdown last night and it was warranted. His claims all tie back into the lack of accountability in the clubhouse.

Here is another astounding statistic that backs up what he claims. This is so bizarre I almost couldn't believe it. The Nationals have had 12 streaks of at least 3 losses this season, including a couple seven gamers. It's true, but also expected. The Nats are not very good. However, guess how many times the Nats have followed up a single loss with a win?



One, and that one only occurred because they won the suspended game.

That is right, the Nats have not once this season bounced right back off the matt to win the next game. If there is evidence that the clubhouse has accepted these losing ways, it is staring back in black and white.

Accountability, Accountability, Accountability... maybe saying it three times will make it happen, like Beetlejuice.

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