Monday, July 13, 2009

RIP Manny

It was a fair juncture at which to fire him. He was on break for a couple days... now it's just longer. The team had continued to improve, the results were not. Here are the Nats month-by-month:

Not only did the Nats never even play .500 ball for a brief stretch, when they did take a sniff at it, it was more luck than anything. It wasn't Acta's fault he was dealt an awful roster and little flexibility to fix it. But never once did he come across the recipe for lemonade with the lemons he was given. And this season, as much of the dead weight was trimmed, the team continued to flop. They had lost much of the fan base, and then the announcers turned on them last week.

The decision to let Manny go at the break may have been made a while back, but if it hadn't, the stumble on the road trip was a pleasant reminder that he is still the 10th worst manager of all-time.

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