Thursday, July 9, 2009

Resumed Against the Astros

I have no idea how this is handled in major league baseball. The most fortuitous thing going for the Nats as a whole is that the fan who caught Adam Dunn's 300th doesn't have to worry about Dunn bumping that to 301 with a bomb retroactive to May.

The unfortunate thing is that Elijah Dukes is on first base... he is no longer with the team. Joel Hanrahan is the pitcher of record. He is no longer with the club entirely. All told, the Nats have already used 19 players in this game. The 20th will occur when the game resumes and someone pinch runs for Dukes, unless MLB allows playground rules and ghost runners. The 21st player will enter the game if Willingham cannot end it, as Hanrahan is due up next.

The Nats have only used six pitchers (four of which aren't on the friggin roster), which means the Nats are likely out of position players. Also, if the game goes to a 12th, replacing the pitcher is easy, but who replaces Jesus Flores? Wil is already out of the game... Do the Nats use a 6th position player to get Bard into the game?

Seriously, I cannot wait for the mayhem to unfold.

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