Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Management is Biting Their Tongue on It...

But they need to confess to the crime on playing Adam Dunn at first base. He is a bad left fielder, we all know, and his lead feet have my fiance wondering if she could beat him in a race. But in comparison, he is an awful first baseman. First base takes some skill, reflexes, instincts. He lacks those vital attributes, and playing him there without practice or spring training is going to destroy both his confidence at the plate and diminish his potential value to another club if they KNOW he is atrocious at first.

Let the man play left... if Johnson needs a day off, give Willingham a shot... or move Zimm over and play Harris at third.

1 comment:

  1. If ANYTHING is a staple on this team, it's R Zimmerman at 3rd. What fans we have left will think Manny/Mgmt has gone mad if they suddenly moved him to SS, even on an infrequent basis.