Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dukes to AAA

Mildly surprising, but all the pieces were there. Dukes had been slumping since coming off the DL with the hamstring. Willingham has been straight thumping the ball, and the defensive options of Morgan and Harris leave fewer at bats for Dukes to straighten himself out.

The more disconcerting issue with Dukes' slump is his inability to take pitches. He is seeing fewer fastballs and swinging at more pitches out of the zone. His walk rates are basically cut in half. He may be trying too hard to make something happen with the bat.

The question to management is how do they perceive Dukes? Kearns can't be demoted, so maybe they are hoping somebody takes him off there hands to make room for Dukes next month. Or are they hoping to protect Dukes reputation to use him as trade bait? Either way, the lower pressure of AAA should help his bat out, and getting out of CF should help out his head.

In any event, not a favorable development for a guy who seemed untouchable in May.

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