Tuesday, July 7, 2009


If I had listed all the possible combinations and permutations of baseball scores, the only that would have been picked less frequently than Rockies 1 Nats 0 at Coors Field would have been Nats 1 Rockies 0. I think a 33-18 may pop up before another 1-0. 28 of the 51 outs in this game were recorded via ground ball, as well as two line-out double plays. Craig Stammen did exactly what he needed to do to win the game. It is just too bad Jason Marquis continued his "dominance".

It is disheartening to see Alberto Gonzalez wasting away on the bench this week, having started just once this month. The Nats need a spark in the lineup with Nick Johnson slumping, Josh Bard crippled, and Ryan Zimmerman hitting with a little less authority.

It should also be noted that after four games, Nyjer Morgan is third on the team in stolen bases... huge advantage for the Nats making that deal, adding a dimension they weren't willing to explore before.

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