Monday, July 20, 2009

Washington Post, Be Warned...

I'm not a big fan of ESPN any more. Their reporters think of themselves more as celebrities and try to be part of the news instead of just reporting it. Their coverage of the Open this past weekend was mute-worthy. Whatever, maybe Tirico sucks at golf.

They have a vested interest in staging the BCS (until they pull their sponsorship of the coaches poll, which is the biggest conflict of interest in sports), which is a farce as a championship and purely a ratings grab.

There are hundreds of reasons to hate ESPN, and still hundreds to love it. However, I think this is going to tip the going to tip the scales in the direction of hate. ESPN already carries themselves as front runners, hyping the larger market teams, while reducing coverage elsewhere.

Honestly, do you want The Mouse as the voice of your hometown sports?

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