Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Star Picks... NL C

I decided to change up the order here, as the Nationals offense is really struggling and this is one of the reasons why.

Catcher: The National League has watched breakout candidates Russell Martin and Geo Soto struggle to start the season. There have been two catchers who have hit the ball consistently and with authority: Brian McCann and Jesus Flores. Their offensive numbers are similar in almost every category, though the Nationals pitching woes have affected Flores defensive numbers. Head-to-head, McCann gets the nod now for the all-star pick, though it should be noted that since Flores and Dukes went on the DL for the Nationals, offensive production has collapsed like a house of cards.

Flores should make immediate contributions as soon as he is off the DL. Our boy Wil, despite the average, doesn't scare opposing pitchers, and Bard is still clearly AAA material. Jesus Flores looks like a legitimate threat if he can continue to draw walks and hit for modest power. The 134 OPS+ is probably a temporary mirage, but 120+ over the course of a season is outstanding for a catcher hitting 6th.

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