Thursday, May 28, 2009

All Star Picks... NL 3B and SS

I combined these two because there isn't much to debate.

Third Base: Ryan Zimmerman. David Wright has put up a decent batting average, and stole a crap ton of bases one game, but he is also striking out like it is his job, and his power way, way down. Zim, on the other hand, seems to have ironed out a few of the kinks in his swing (which actually caused my fiance and I to dub the Papa John's Zimmerman special, "What, are they going to deliver me a ground into a double play?). His line drive and fly ball rates are up, which has lead to an increase in easy singles and doubles, and along the way a 30-game hit streak. He is also fielding his position better than anyone in the league.

Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez is the Ryan Zimmerman of the shortstop position. Right now not only is he hitting the ball harder and further than anyone else playing the position, but he is also a proficient runner and superior fielder. With JJ Hardy struggling at the plate a little, nobody else enters the discussion.

Cristian Guzman? The .340 batting average (and steadily dropping) is decoration. He used to thrive on his speed, and his power numbers were driven by his ability to stretch singles to doubles, and doubles to triples. He has foregone the walk, apparently having donated his balls to science. And now, his attitude toward fielding can be illustrated by plummeting range and UZR numbers. Age and injuries may be a factor, but watching him nonchalantly jog around the infield leads me to believe otherwise.

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