Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was actually considering getting tickets to Thursday's game, but then I caught wind of who was starting and decided I really can't deal with that. I have an unblemished record at Nats Park, and Cabrera's record is completely blemished. To say otherwise would symptomize battered wife syndrome. It is pretty sad that a player can drive fans away like this, but those of you who have watched him pitch all agree; he is painful to watch. He takes the artistry out of pitching with his lack of control and beleaguered pace. Hell, even the rain-shortened catastrophe took over two hours to play 5+ innings. In fact, subtracting that game out of the equation, the average Cabrera start has featured 10 runs for the opponent and a Steve Trachsel-ian 3 hours 8 minute of losing baseball. Funny that they also share a similar K/BB ratio at the end of their careers, though at least Trachsel would bother to win a couple games a month.

Basically what I am pleading here is for Mr. Cabrera to suck a little more quickly, like Barry Zito.

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