Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More bad speculation

Obviously, this story is just breaking, so don't read too much into it. It does allow me to go back and touch on something I noted way back when BALCO and Caminiti were our only sources of steroid entertainment. Everybody knew Bonds was doing it, Caminiti, Canseco... so my friends and I played a game called juicing or not juicing... which is much less offensive than it sounds.

There were some obvious players, though looking back, I don't know how we missed A-Rod. Some easy conclusions were drawn, but there were noticeable trends with the Texas Rangers and the Cincinnati Reds. Players signed with these clubs and immediately put on twenty pounds of mass. We went back and grabbed scouting reports on these players from high school and college, how much their bodies and games changed. This was 2004 and we were just speculating as well, but with Juiced and Vindicated playing out, it wouldn't surprise me if some of it was true and this is additional fallout from the Jim Bowden disaster.

Edit: Kasten responds.

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