Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Wil Nieves?

And why are we passing time between his home runs?

Honestly, the first game I saw at Nats Park was this Bad Jackson. It was great, because I was mocking the Cubs for bringing in Howry, then our hero struck a massive blow about two minutes later, leaving me saying, "Wil Nieves? That guy NEVER hits home runs!"... fireworks were had by all. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that was indeed his first career home run. In fact, the Nats sport a sweet 6-0 record in games that I attend, and a slightly less than sweet 66-135 when I do not attend (OK, 35-62 in home games). Apparently the organizational cure-all isn't to fire anyone... just give me season tickets.

Wil has dropped 51 balls over the fence in the minors, so it isn't as if he cannot do it. And he almost came up Ron Jeremy-huge in the 8th inning Monday night. Hence, as the team moves forth during 2009, and I continue to pick apart every decision and booted play, remember that Wil may strike at any time and fireworks will be had.

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