Friday, May 29, 2009

All Star Picks... NL OF

Outfield: Several good players to choose from here. Raul Ibanez is so far ahead of the field, he can be penciled into the LF spot. After that, there are nearly a dozen players who can find their way into a strong argument to start. First, the pleasant surprises. Mike Cameron has always been a premier defensive center fielder, but his bat has mysteriously gone south at times. At age 36, he continues to impress with the glove, taking the burden of teammate Ryan Braun, but has also rebounded nicely with the bat and should match the numbers he put up during his prime. His K/BB rates have also improved. He is still at the back of the line, though. Braun is hitting the ball well, but is a little behind last year's numbers... he is an adequate left fielder, which he should anchor down on the NL side for year till arbitration, but not this year. Adam Dunn and Brad Hawpe are the two sluggers that do nothing else but hit and hit well. Each are deserving of the nod, but I'm going with the ever-consistent Carlos Beltran, and 21 year-old stud Justin Upton. Upton's .340 average is probably a mirage, but his speed and power is the only thing keeping the Backs from being a AAA team. Beltran deserves one more nod in CF before retiring to one of the corner positions as his speed decays.

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