Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Congratulations to Ryan Zimmerman

It is a special type of athlete who an maintain his discipline during a tumultuous first month, refining and improving his approach each game. A 30-game hit streak, which ended during a game in which he ended up on base twice via the BB and IBB, is nothing at which to sneeze. He also demonstrated consistent power, ripping 20 extra-base thus far this season, which as of this posting leads the National League. He looks to be joining David Wright and Evan Longoria as the new class of elite third basemen, much like Jeter, Nomar, A-Rod, and Tejada sprung upon the American League at the end of the '90s.

Tomorrow is a travel day, and then we will be on to the 30-win streak for Martis. If he does that, the Nats stand a chance at .500.

I'll also be putting together some information on pitching changes later this week, in a effort to breakdown how Manny Acta is approaching his bullpen, and why his moves have been consistently incorrect.

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