Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joe Beimel is NOT a Closer

But he is still a more useful reliever than most guys floating around the organization. Closers have a arrogance about them. A killer's instinct. When someone bloops a single in, they ignore it and attack the next hitter. Especially with two outs. Seriously, so what if Burris tries to steal second. If the pitcher is doing his job, he is not getting it for free, and the batter is behind in the count 0-1. With nobody out, it is prudent to hold him on. With two outs, go after the batter!. Honestly, with a soft-tosser like Beimel out there, guys like Burriss will take that base if they really want it anyway.

Another good offensive effort wasted. Today looks like a win, but Barry Zito suddenly looks to have found his command again.

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