Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The lack of accountability is staggering. First there was the Colome/Zimmermann/Hernandez debacle... apparently the Nats do not take infield practice.

Then last night happened. Detweiler came in and did exactly what he needed to do. He threw strikes, he got people to swing and miss, and he got to his spot in the batting order a second time. He went to showers in position to collect his first win, despite the shoddy defense behind him. Then the bullpen attacked... all of them. Nobody should escape the wrath. Seriously, is David Cone out there? There has to be an explanation.

It is a simple lack of accountability. There isn't any punishment for not being prepared, for lack of focus. Relievers jaunt in out of the pen without a plan. Stranding runners, strategically allowing the run to get an extra out... no plan, just wayward pitches. Granted, the Nats have trotted a few pitchers not capable of getting major league hitter out... that is on management. But most of these guys have been around the block and have done this job before.

Ryan Wagner retired. His numbers did not reflect it, but he was improving and getting closer. He is still young and hopefully his shoulder gets right and he gives it another go, Chris Hammond-style. Seriously though, if your only motivation was to play with this dysfunctional bunch, would you fight the pain?

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