Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lannan Gets the Win...

Nice to see him get on the board. He seems to have developed the Ervin Santana complex, though. Lannan can be an effective pitcher on a lot of clubs, but the way the Nats are constructed right now, he is going to suffer through more of the bad starts than the good. He doesn't strike out enough people and is prone to getting hit hard. This would be OK is the Nats had above average outfield defense. However, their outfield defense is certainly below average, and arguably the worst in the NL when Dunn and Milledge are out there.

Manny really should consider Willie Harris in center with Dukes and Kearns on the corners when Lannan pitches, giving Johnson some injury-prevention time on the bench. It takes a little bite out of the offense, but inspiring a little confidence in a young pitcher is better than trying to score 9 every game.

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