Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Rough First Inning for J. Zimm

As pointed out previously, Jordan Zimmermann is being beaten like a rented National in the first inning of his starts. Another two runs last night puts his first inning ERA at a sterling 18.00. This is clearly not a reflection of his ability, as over the the course of the game, he gave up just one more earned run (runs scored off umpire errors are not earned) and finished with eight strikeouts. The kid has talent... there is just an epic fail at some point between 4 pm and 7 pm the day of his starts that leaves him completely unprepared.

A competent pitching coach would have addressed this by now, weaned him off the Red Bull or whatever, but instead, the Nats management has decided spotting the other team two runs makes the game more exciting.

Seriously... what are the chances that the umpires could possibly blow two home run calls in three games even with the benefit of instant replay? I really wouldn't allow Dibble around that crew anytime soon.

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